In 2018, your State Chamber continues to fight for policies to make South Carolina the best place in the nation to live, work, and do business. Our 2018 Competitiveness Agenda is a list of policy priorities for this year's legislative session.




We must make South Carolina's tax system more competitive. 

  • Lower property taxes for businesses. South Carolina is home to some of the highest commercial and manufacturing tax rates in the nation. 
  • Reduce income tax burden on the state’s workforce. South Carolina’s top personal income tax rate of 7% is higher than any state in the Southeast. 


South Carolina’s business community needs targeted strategies that will increase the number of people with the right skills in the talent pipeline.

  • Grow apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Become the home of choice for veterans leaving the service and starting their second career by fully exempting military retirement benefits. 
  • Expand policies aimed at reintegrating ex-offenders into the workforce.
  • Shrink the skills gap by working with K-12,  higher education, government training agencies and private sector partners.
  • Focus on soft skills development for our students.
  • Address the growing prescription drug and opioid epidemic.