Workforce Strategies

Through developed business driven strategies, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce aims to improve workforce and education in South Carolina.

Strategies to Educate and Develop South Carolina’s Workforce

Prepare Children for Success
Begin preparing our children at an early age through programs and advocacy throughout the state.

  • Early Reading Programs
  • Early Chldhood Advocacy
  • Student Mentoring Programs
  • Expand 4K
  • Family Friendly Workplaces
  • First Steps

Increase the Pipeline from High School
Get students to develop knowledge and skills by providing experiences for them to learn and create a path for their future.

  • EEDA
  • ELO (Extended Learning Opportunities)
  • Support At Risk Programs
  • IGPs (Individual Graduation Plans)
  • Middle Colleges
  • Charter Schools
  • Homework Centers

Align Higher Education to Economic Strategies
Connect higher education outlets with strategies for access and affordability, while encouraging relationships between education and business.

  • Articulation Agreements
  • Smart State (Endowed Chairs)
  • Support Technical College to Business Connections
  • Regional Education Centers

Connect Adults to Education and Training
Provide a seamless connection from education and training to high needs jobs, showcasing the available opportunities throughout South Carolina.

  • Apprenticeship Carolina™
  • MSSC (Manufacturing Skills Standard Council)
  • SC Workready Communities
  • Quick Jobs
  • ReadySC™
  • Adult Education & GEDs
  • New Front Door

Develop a Culture of Valuing Education
Create a culture of understanding the value and importance of education, while getting the business community involved in the development of that culture.

  • Business Week
  • Parental Involvement
  • Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP)
  • SC Workready Communities

Transform K-12 Education
Provide leadership through programs, opportunities for career development and efforts aimed at educating to adequately prepare the future workforce.

  • Leadership Advocacy
  • Charter Schools
  • Support New Carolina Efforts

Connect Education & Business
Bring focus to the business community around education and involve them in the development of education throughout the state moving forward.

  • Regional Education Centers
  • Student Mentoring
  • Dream !t Do !t