Environmental Technical Committee

The Environmental Technical Committee meets monthly (except for July) to take action on environmental matters at the state and national levels.

Committee members provide information and recommendations to Chamber members on new environmental regulations and legislation. Also, the committee sponsors seminars and workshops to educate and encourage South Carolina Chamber members in procedures and practices required by new environmental regulations and legislation, both state and federal.

“The Environmental Technical Committee meets monthly to engage business leaders on environmental matters, primarily regulatory issues affecting industry. Key issues worked during the past year include the regulatory framework for allocating water resources in the state, key new air regulations that will affect boilers at industrial sites, and more."

- John W. Baker, Environmental Engineering Manager, International Paper


The Environmental Technical Committee has subcommittees that help with these areas:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Legislative
  • Legal
  • Solid waste

Qualifications for Membership:

Must be employed in the environmental field and have a technical background and experience necessary to provide input and information helpful in achieving the committee’s specialized objectives and mission. There is no limit in committee size.

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