Small Business Council


Small Business Council was established in 1994 to champion small business issues and their importance to South Carolina’s economy.


  • Implement 2025 Goals to advance the interests of small businesses throughout the state
  • Help small businesses with issues that impact their bottom line
  • Motivate small businesses to make a difference through advocacy
  • Activate small businesses to contact legislators, congressional representatives and other small businesses so that the unified voice of small business can change the system


The Small Business Council achieves its goals by:

  • Meeting quarterly to discuss and take action on issues affecting small business
  • Achieving legislative priorities to enhance small business
  • Serving as a resource for small businesses across the state

"If you think the SC Chamber is only concerned about the interests of the largest companies in our state, you would be mistaken. Besides the tremendous networking and educational resources for small businesses, we have a very active Small Business Council that works closely with the staff and board to make sure that small business interests are always considered in our legislative initiatives."

– Hal Stevenson, Owner, Grace Outdoor

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