South Carolina roads are the 8th most dangerous in the country. @scchamber #fixscroads

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Roads Bill Being Blocked in the Senate Again!
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The Facts

  • S.C. Taxpayers foot the bill for more than $700,000 in damage claims last year due to potholes on state roads.
  • Just 29% of South Carolinians are riding on what is considered “good” pavement right now. 
  • SCDOT estimates that SC has lost an estimated $2.6B in economic activity because of congestion.
  • 31% of our interstates experience recurring congestion.
  • Almost half of our primary roads are rated in “poor” condition.
  • There are 805 structurally deficient bridges that our citizens are riding on every day. Almost half of those are load restricted, meaning businesses have to reroute trucks just to do daily business.
  • South Carolina's roads are among the most dangerous in the nation with over 800 deaths occurring annually.
  • Driving on rough roads costs South Carolina motorists a total of $1.1 billion annually in extra vehicle operating costs.
  • SCDOT estimates it needs $70.5 billion through 2040 to maintain the state’s transportation system, but it will only have access to $27.6 billion.

Why This Matters to Business

  • Close to $400 billion in goods shipped in and out of South Carolina annually, mostly by truck.
  • Close to 100% of all good shipped from sites in South Carolina are carreid by truck within the state.
  • Businesses locate in states where they can effectively and efficiently move goods.

View our interactive map to see how traffic congestion impacts you

The S.C. Chamber Supports: Reform & Fund

Improving South Carolina’s infrastructure is directly related to economic growth, safety, and quality of life for our citizens. The Chamber supports reforming government to increase accountability and a recurring funding mechanism to repair roads and bridges.

Accountability in Government

The South Carolina Chamber calls on the General Assembly to make the Department of Transportation accountable to the Governor in order to ensure public trust in government.  Additionally, the S.C. Chamber calls for a reformed State Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB) to be reformed for increased government transparency. The S.C. Chamber calls for the General Assembly to set and require the STIB to follow the prioritization system for allocation of funding.

Funding Infrastructure

The South Carolina Chamber calls on the General Assembly to dedicate at least $600 million dollars of additional revenue annually to maintain and improve our state’s roads and bridges. We further call on the General Assembly to diversify the revenue stream creating a sustainable long-term funding mechanism instead of the current system that is excessively dependent on the gas tax.


“The SCPA is making significant capital investments in new and existing terminals to remain competitive in our industry, and we depend on South Carolina’s transportation infrastructure to move goods to and from our terminals.” 

- Jim Newsome, president and CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority



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