Federal Policy Letters

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce monitors and weighs in on federal issues affecting the business community in South Carolina. We work closely with our congressional delegation to ensure that policies being made in Washington are reflecting our mission of making South Carolina the best place to live, work, and do business. 


3/28: Third Party Litigation Funding Coalition Letter to Advisory Committee
3/4: SC Senators Sign Letter to DHS Secretary Nielsen Requesting Immediate Action on H-2B Visas

12/21: Letter to Senator Graham re: Passage of the Homeland Security Spending Bill, including an H2B Visa Package
7/23: Letter to US Department of Transportation re: Inner Harbor Barge System
2/5: Letter to US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management re: Offshore Drilling
2/2: Infrastructure Prioritization Sign-On Letter

11/30: Letter to Congress Supporting a Miscellaneous Tariff Bill 
11/6: Letter to US Senate on Confirmation of EPA Deputy & Assistant Administrator Nominees 
11/3: Third-Party Litigation Financing Letter
11/2: Restore Main Street Lending Sign-On Letter
11/1: Tax Reform Letter to US Congress
10/27: Export-Import Bank Letter to Senator Tim Scott
10/10: NAFTA Modernization Letter to Trump Administration
6/12: Telephone Consumer Protection Act Letter to US House Judiciary Subcommittee
3/10: Manufacturing Extension Partnership Letter to Trump Administration 
3/1: Methane and Waste Prevention Rule Letter to Senator Lindsey Graham
2/6: Regulatory Accountability Act Letter to Senators McConnell and Schumer

12/7: H-2B Visa Program Letter to SC Congressional Delegation
12/5: Regulatory Accountability Act Letter to Congressman Paul Ryan
11/30: Support Letter for SCPA FASTLANE Grant Application
11/30: Support Letter for Intermodal Freight Corridor FASTLANE Grant Application
11/14: Small Business Healthcare Relief Act Letter
4/11: Protecting Workplace Advancement & Opportunity Act Letter to US Congress