Additional Policy Issues


The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce advocates at the Statehouse on behalf of its stakeholders to promote policies that make South Carolina the best place to live, work, and do business. 


Throughout the legislative session, we advocate at the state-level on behalf of the business community in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Government's Fiscal Health
  • Tort Reform
  • Regulatory Matters
  • Healthcare Costs
  • Environmental Issues
  • Workforce Development
  • Tax Reform

2018 Statewide Policy Letters

12/13: SC Human Affairs Commission Support Letter
4/17: H.5162 Tax Conformity Package
3/20: H.4221- South Carolina Electric Consumer Bill
3/19: Tax Conformity (House Ways and Means)
3/19: Tax Conformity (Senate Finance)
2/27: Vote Scoring Letter - Automatic Stay (House)
2/14: Vote Scoring Letter - SC Conservation Bank Reauthorization (House)
1/31: Vote Scoring Letter - Auxiliary Containers (House)
1/23: Vote Scoring Letter - Nuisance Suits (Senate)
1/16: Letter to House Judiciary Committee re: S.105 - Automatic Stay
1/9: Letter to Senate Agriculture Committee re: H.3929 - Agricultural Animal Facilities




2017 Statewide Policy Letters
12/1: Letter to SC Senate Agriculture Subcommittee re: H.3929 - Agricultural Animal Facilities
11/28: Letter to SC House Off-Shore Drilling Ad Hoc Committee
4/18: Vote Scoring Letter - Infrastructure Funding
3/22: Vote Scoring Letter - Existing Manufacturing Facilities 
3/21: Vote Scoring Letter - Real ID 
3/9: Vote Scoring Letter - Employee Benefits
3/8: Vote Scoring Letter - Automatic Stay
2/2: Vote Scoring Letter - Superintendent of Education
1/31: Vote Scoring Letter - Education Accountability Bills