Bills We're Watching

Utility Ratepayer Protection Package
H.4377 – Changing the Public Service Commission composition (Support)
H.4378 – Overhaul of the Utility Oversight Committee (Support)
H.4379 – Creation of a Utilities Consumer Advocate (Support)
H. 4375 & H.4380 – Repeal of the Baseload Review Act and limiting the ability of SCANA to continue to collect money for the VC Summer Project (Concerns)
H.4376 – Limiting the ability of Santee Cooper to continue to collect money for the VC Summer Project (Concerns)

H.3529 - Auxiliary Containers (Bedingfield)
Status: The House voted 73-41 to pass this bill. Passed out of Senate LCI Subcommittee on 3/15, now resides in full Senate LCI Committee. 
Chamber Position: Support

S.27 - Superintendent of Education Election (Campsen)
Status: Passed out of House Judiciary Committee on 3/20. Now on the House floor. 
Chamber Position: Support 

H.4727 - Conservation Bank Trust Fund (White)
Status: Passed the House by a vote of 107-3. Passed Senate Finance Subcommittee. Passed the Senate by a vote of 38-0. Now returns to the House for concurrence. 
Chamber Position: Support 

H.3427 - Computer Science Coursework (Lucas)
Status: The bill passed the House last session and is now on the Senate floor. 
Chamber Position: Support

S.62 - S.C. Giving Back to our Veterans Act (McElveen)
Status: Senate Finance
Chamber Position: Support

H.3209 - Ex-Offender Workforce Reintegration (Pope)
Status: Senate floor
Chamber Position: Support


H.3653 - Nuisance Suits (Forrester)
Status: Bill signed into law 2/13/18. 
Chamber Position: Support

S.105 - Automatic Stay (Rankin)
Status: Bill signed into law 3/14/18.
Chamber Position: Support

H.3929 - Agricultural Animal Facilities (Hiott) 
StatusBill signed into law 3/12/18. 
Chamber Position: Support

Updated 3/22/2018