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South Carolina Chamber PAC

The South Carolina Chamber PAC is a non-partisan, voluntary organization made up of South Carolina Chamber of Commerce investors that works to advance good government, pro-growth policies and elect pro-jobs, pro-South Carolina leaders to the General Assembly.



What is the Chamber PAC?  The South Carolina Chamber PAC is a fully transparent, State Ethics Commission regulated 527 organization funded by South Carolinians who know that the free enterprise system and the opportunities it provides do more to lift up South Carolinians.

Why does the South Carolina Chamber have an affiliated Political Action Committee?  South Carolina’s job creators and the state’s good business climate are under attack from all sides – unions, radical environmental groups, anti-government groups and trial lawyers. These groups work hard to influence politicians to advance their agendas which are bad for job creation and limit opportunities for economic prosperity.

How does the Chamber PAC operate?  The South Carolina Chamber PAC educates voters on policy issues being considered by the state legislature that advance job creation and economic opportunity. The Chamber PAC also supports pro-jobs, business-friendly candidates on the state level by making campaign contributions. Our PAC realizes that there are two ways to impact policy: from the outside, with targeted, issues based messaging; and from the inside, by helping elect and support like-minded candidates who represent pro-business values.

We need you on our team to keep South Carolina moving forward.


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