Dream It Do It

The Ambassador Program

Manufacturers across the United States are facing a workforce nearing retirement, but lack the younger workers to fill those roles. The Manufacturing Institute has developed a strategy to empower manufacturers to reach and inspire the next generation of manufacturing leaders and increase the talent pool of younger workers.


The Dream It. Do It. Ambassadors’ Kit provides you with everything you need to begin engaging students — the future workforce — in your region. The Ambassadors’ Kit includes:

  • Launch Support: How to plan, launch and succeed with a company-wide Ambassadors’ Program.
  • How-To Guides: Step-by-step processes for simple student engagement activities that can be led by company Ambassadors, including classroom visits, facility tours and Manufacturing Day.
  • Marketing Materials: Attractive and actionable brochures, posters and social media content that will attract students, parents and educators.
  • Communications: Sample communications for building partnerships in your community in support of your engagement.
  • Glossary: A glossary of information that ensures every manufacturer can communicate effectively with their audience.

Voice: The Guide to Developing Manufacturing Ambassadors