Frequently Asked Questions

What is South Carolina Business Week?
  • An inside look at business in action, this program is designed to educate high school students on entrepreneurship and the American free enterprise system.
  • Students are fully sponsored on scholarships from the business community – only a $50 fee is required.
  • It is held on the campus of Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina.
Who makes up the faculty?
  • 30-40 leaders in business, education and government share their special knowledge and skills with the students.
  • CEOs from some of South Carolina’s largest corporations provide the big picture.
  • Students hear from experts in entrepreneurship, diversity, communications, international business, management and research and development.
What is covered by the Business Week Scholarship?
  • Dormitory accommodations at Presbyterian College for a week
  • Three meals a day
  • All instructional materials
How does the program work?
  • Students form mock companies of 10-12 students.
  • Student companies are led by Company Advisors, loaned executives from businesses across South Carolina.
  • Students attend workshops on all aspects of business and test newly-acquired knowledge in a computer business simulation game.
  • Using the game, students compete to make their company the most profitable through sound business decisions.
Is there some time for fun?
  • Students have time to use the recreational facilities at the college every day.
  • Planned activities, such as a pizza party, a dance, a movie and a talent show allow time to meet new friends from across South Carolina.