Improving Business. Improving South Carolina.

We translate your priorities into a strategic pro-jobs agenda.

At 7%, South Carolina has the highest personal income tax in the Southeast.

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Advance Your Business Priorities 

You know what it takes to run a business. We're here to listen to your challenges and your successes, whether it's informally over coffee or through our surveys, grassroots meetings, and local chamber partnerships. Your priorities and insights inform our legislative agenda. Together, we tackle today’s most pressing business issues. 

Competitiveness Agenda

  • Competitive Tax Code
  • Workforce For the Future

Rely on Our Legislative Expertise 

Our experts are proactive and we understand economic growth and free market principles. We develop policies, create opportunities, and mitigate risks for you. We keep you plugged in with news updates and action alerts. Our finger stays on the pulse of policy and politics, so you can stay focused on your bottom line. 

More than half of the policies and regulations considered at the State House will have an impact on your profit and loss statement.

Make South Carolina Stronger 

Our lawmakers constantly face decisions that impact South Carolina’s business climate, which is why it’s critical that we educate them about the ins and outs of running a business. We want local businesses to grow, start ups to launch, and new companies to find a home here. With a unified voice, we can make the biggest difference for our businesses, our economy, and our state.

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