Last Chance to Get Liability Protection Across the Finish Line

Email June 19th

As you have heard in most of our recent communications, the Chamber and our industry partners have been working fervently to get liability protection legislation passed for South Carolina businesses. We’ve heard the calls from you – our membership – about how important liability protections are to reopening the economy and bringing our jobs back.  

We need your help more than ever to get liability protections across the finish line – the South Carolina House and Senate liability committees are wrapping up their work and both bodies are settling on final bills. The Senate returns to session on Tuesday, June 23rd and the House returns on Wednesday, June 24th – they are only expected to be in session two-three days. This is our only chance to get a liability protection bill passed before they return in September. 

We’ve created a new website which will allow you to send a pre-populated email to your senator and representative telling them how important it is that the General Assembly pass a safe harbor bill next week that will:

  • Provide limited liability protection for businesses, healthcare providers, and educational institutions in any COVID-19 related lawsuit from the start of the pandemic to the end of the pandemic.
  • Ensure that employers who have taken steps to keep workplaces safe and follow public health guidelines are protected from liability.

Please widely share this website with others who are concerned about this issue and encourage them to write in as well. The only way we’ll be able to get this done is if legislators hear from YOU in the next few days about how important this is to reopen our economy and bring back our jobs.

Thank you,