Legislative Scorecard Methodology

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Scorecard tracks members’ votes on legislation related to job creation and business in the Palmetto State. The Scorecard keeps track of how legislators voted on the issues that matter most to the business community. 

How it works:

Legislators earn points for each vote they cast in favor of a bill supported by the Chamber.  The total possible score a legislator can receive is 100. Prior to voting, legislators are notified that the issue is important to the business community and that their vote may be used on the Chamber’s Scorecard. 

Points may be earned if a legislator:

  • casts a recorded vote in the full House or Senate in favor of pro-jobs or business-friendly legislation or amendments.
  • sponsors pro-jobs or business-friendly legislation or amendments. 

* Base points are provided when issues scored and weighted do not equal 100 points. These points are given equally to every member of that legislative body.

No points are awarded if a legislator: 

  • votes against a bill that is pro-jobs or business-friendly.
  • does not cast a vote on the issue.

Points may be deducted if a legislator: 

  • votes in subcommittee or full committee against pro-jobs, business-friendly legislation or amendments preventing the issue from advancing. 
  • sponsors anti-business legislation or amendments.

What does “In Progress” mean? 

In the first year of a two-year session when it is deemed that a legislative body has not cast enough votes on business issues, the work of all members of the legislative body will be considered "In Progress." While a total score will not be given, votes on Chamber-scored bills will be included in the Scorecard and carried forward to the following year to calculate a two-year legislative session score. 

How are Scorecard votes determined?

The Chamber’s Legislative Affairs Task Force (LATF) reviews and determines the legislation and votes to be used on the Scorecard and the appropriate percentage weighting to be applied to each vote. 

How many years of votes are used?

The Scorecard tracks and posts each legislator’s four-year average (or cumulative average for a legislator with less than four years of service).  

Pro-Business Recognition and PAC Support

Legislators earning a score of 100% are recognized as “Business Champions” for the year.
Legislators earning a score of between 90% and 99% are recognized as “Business Advocates” for the year.

The Chamber and Chamber PAC use the four-year average to determine support of incumbents seeking reelection.  For consideration, a legislator must have a four-year average of 85% or higher.