Legislative Scorecard - Senate

Senate Votes

H.3579: Vote to set Infrastructure Funding for Special Order.
By a vote of 26-19, the Senate failed to set the comprehensive infrastructure bill for priority debate status. This bill was later set for Special Order by a voice vote, but the session ran out before the bill was debated. 
SC Chamber Vote: Aye, Vote #223, 4/30/2015

H.4230: Supplemental Funds for Infrastructure. 
The SC Chamber urged the General Assembly to dedicate at least half of all supplemental funds made available towards infrastructure improvements. The Senate voted unanimously to support the conference report, which appropriated $335 million in mostly one-time dollars to the reconstruction and repair of bridges and state-owned secondary roads, as well as bonding for bridge replacement and expansion of existing interstates. 
SC Chamber Vote: Aye, Vote #560, 6/23/15

H.4266: SCDOT Secretary Sunset Provision. 
The SCDOT Reform Act 114 of 2007 created the gubernatorial authority to appoint the SCDOT Secretary but also provided for a sunset of the authority on June 30, 2015. An amendment to suspend the sunset provision for FY 2015-16 was included in this continuing budgetary resolution by a vote of 39-2, preventing control of SCDOT from reverting back to the legislature. 
SC Chamber Vote: Aye, Vote #492, 6/16/15

H.3266: Trespasser Responsibility Act.
By a vote of 41-1, the Senate passed a tort reform measure to protect landowners from frivolous lawsuits arising from situations where trespassers suffer injuries on their property. Enacts statutory protections similar to those already in place in 20 other states, including North Carolina and Georgia. Signed into law by Governor Haley on 6/8/15.
SC Chamber Vote: Aye, Vote #453, 6/2/15


Senator H.3579 H.4230 H.4266 H.3266 In Progress
Thomas Alexander  
Karl Allen  
Sean Bennett X  
Lee Bright X X  
Kevin Bryant X NP X  
Paul Campbell  
Chip Campsen X  
Ray Cleary NP  
Creighton Coleman  
Thomas Corbin X  
John Courson X  
Ronnie Cromer  
Tom Davis X  
Michael Fair X NV  
Chauncey Gregory NP  
Larry Grooms X  
Wes Hayes  
Greg Hembree X NV  
Bradley Hutto  
Darrell Jackson  
Kevin Johnson  
Marlon E. Kimpson NV X  
Hugh Leatherman  
Joel Lourie NV  
Gerald Malloy  
Larry Martin X  
Shane Martin X NP  
Shane Massey X  
John Matthews  
Thomas McElveen  
Floyd Nicholson  
William O'Dell  
Harvey Peeler X  
Clementa Pinckney   NV  
Luke Rankin NV  
Glenn Reese NV  
Ronnie Sabb  
John Scott  
Nikki Setzler  
Katrina Shealy X  
Vincent Sheheen NV  
Paul Thurmond X  
Ross Turner X  
Danny Verdin X NV  
Kent Williams  
Tom Young X  


Simply put, the inability of the Senate to make any significant progress on the singular issue of this regular session left the business community with insufficient results upon which to gauge the Senate’s performance. The 2015 Scorecard designates the Senate’s work as “in-progress” in an effort to highlight the urgency to address the state’s most important issues upon their return in January 2016 for the second half of this two-year session.
-Ted Pitts, President & CEO of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce