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ACTION ALERT: Pollution Control Act

May 16, 2016

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce released the following Action Alert to Chamber members regarding the Pollution Control Act Fix legislation, S.229:

Dear Friends...

Please contact your South Carolina House member TODAY and ask them toSUPPORT S.229, the Pollution Control Act Fix legislation.

The business community needs to have our voices heard on this important issue. The opposition, which includes extreme environmental groups from around the state, are flooding legislators' inboxes with emails opposing our bill. It is critical that the legislature hears the business community's support for the bill.

You can identify your SC House Member by inputting the address of your company on the SC Statehouse website here.

Please craft your own email or copy and paste the text below:

Dear Representative,

Please vote to SUPPORT S.229, the Pollution Control Act (PCA) Fix legislation. South Carolina citizens and companies should not be at risk of being sued for not having a permit when no permitting program existed or was even required. This legislation reaffirms a 2012 legislative compromise between the business and environmental communities ending these types of lawsuits under the PCA.

This legislation does not take away citizens' rights to seek remedies for illegal pollution. Citizens can still petition DHEC if they think unpermitted pollution occurred to see if a permit was required, and they can appeal that decision to the Administrative Law Court if they are not satisfied. There are also a myriad of other legal paths under federal and state law that citizens can pursue.

Failure to pass S.229 leaves citizens and companies vulnerable to frivolous environmental lawsuits, putting South Carolina's competitiveness at risk.

Please vote to SUPPORT S.229.

Your Name
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