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Inland port records 42,555 container moves in 1st year

Author: Staff Report

Source: GSA Business

January 27, 2015

S.C. State Ports Authority records show container lifts, the number of times cranes moved a container from a truck or moved one from the stacks to a truck, increased from 1,711 in January to 3,741 in December. The highest volume was 4,770 lifts in August. 

Officials said the $50 million facility that officially opened in November 2013 now has more than 10 customers. Ports authority spokeswoman Erin Dhand said the authority is not identifying its customers. Dhand said the intermodal facility is exceeding expectations for volumes and operations. She said the lift count reflects “peak volumes we typically see during fall months, followed by moderation in winter months.” She said ports business usually peaks in the spring and fall.

For other months last year, ports records show 2,201 lifts in February; 2,515 in March; 3,498 in April; 3,732 in May; June, 3,471; July, 3,577; August 4,770; October, 4,678; and 3,972 in November. The inland port provides daily service 212 miles to the Port of Charleston. Norfolk Southern exclusively serves the facility that is positioned along the Interstate 85 corridor between Charlotte and Atlanta.

The port website says the rail service “maximizes tonnage moved per gallon of fuel for importers and exporters, helping them save costs and lower their carbon footprint. The inland port adds an additional benefit, access to empty containers, for regional shippers, who can send trucks to Greer for the containers they need to move their goods.”

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