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New York Post: Made In America

April 20, 2017


...States with right-to-work laws – all the Southern states included – have benefited. Even the reserved Swedes are joining in on the trend: Volvo’s factory under construction in Berkeley County, S.C., will produce 100,000 cars per year starting late in 2018, exporting many through the Port of Charleston.

Indeed before BMW announced in 1992 that it would come to Greer, S.C., that state’s economy relied on agriculture and a waning textile industry.

“It’s exceeded some of the wildest expectations that were set,” says Ted Pitts, president and CEO of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

The Palmetto State now has a diversified industry. About 400 auto parts producers supply one another and send subassemblies to the BMW plant.

“Those tiered manufacturers have a huge impact across the entire state,” Pitts says.

Indeed, it could be argued that without BMW’s spearhead, Boeing wouldn’t have decided to open in North Charleston, where it works on the 787 Dreamliner.

 “Our workforce is good at making things. It’s renowned for its work ethic. And you can’t talk about workforce without talking about our strong right-to-work laws,” says Pitts. ...

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