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President Ted Pitts Talks About Senate's Inaction On Roads On WLTX

Author: Joyce Koh

Source: WLTX.com

February 24, 2016

Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Senator Tom Davis, who filibustered the roads bill last year, continued speaking in the well of the senate Tuesday.

Davis, who is against raising the gas tax for roads revenue, wants the focus to be on the governance of the Department of Transportation instead.

"We will have addressed the the expenditure side of the equation and established the accountability in how the dollars are being spent, and we would have provided a recurring revenue source from maintaining that which we already have," Davis said. "We've got an individual in charge who's directly accountable to somebody who's elected by all the people in South Carolina."

Some drivers in the state say the roads have become so bad, they wouldn't mind a gas tax increase.

"We need the roads fixed, a little increase isn't going to hurt as long as the gas prices stay the same," Leonard Jackson said.

They do agree with Davis as well, saying that enough is not being done with the money the agency currently has.

"If a particular senator wants roads fixed in his area, and he gets it," Doug Franklin said. "That needs to be changed."

SC Chamber of Commerce President, Ted Pitts, said he's for both D.O.T. reform and raising revenues through the gas tax.

"To get to 600 million, we think we need to diversify those revenue streams," Pitts said. "The business community has spoken clearly that the infrastructure's not acceptable."


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