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S.C. Chamber Announces #SCSPEAKSOUT For Roads Campaign Urging Citizens To Join Efforts And Call On Senators To Fix Our Roads

February 24, 2016

COLUMBIA, S.C. – State Chamber of Commerce President Ted Pitts released the following statement announcing the #SCSPEAKSOUT For Roads Campaign. As concerned South Carolinians write in about the need for senators to fix our roads, the consequences of the Senate’s inaction become clearer and clearer.

“The business community has long called for our roads and to be improved, but don’t take it from us. South Carolina’s citizens have had enough and as we continue to receive statements from the people all over the state on the need to fix our roads, it is apparent that the time to do this is now.  Earlier this week, we called for the Senate to put an end to the filibuster and vote for sustainable funding and true accountability at DOT. It appears that many South Carolina voters agree with us.”

#SCSPEAKSOUT Citizen Quotes

SC Roads Cost Me $1000 in 2 Days
“After attending a business meeting in Hilton Head, I was making my way back home to Charleston via 17. I was almost halfway home when my back tire struck a pothole I attempted to avoid. My car is equipped with run flat tires, but upon examining my tire the pothole had completely ripped my tire open. I was forced to tow my car back to Charleston and have the tire replaced. The next afternoon I was driving from my home to a wedding a few minutes away. This road is notorious for its poor condition. Trying to avoid multiple potholes the same back tire hit another hole, ripped my brand new tire, and forced me to wait for another tow truck and miss the wedding. In two days I spent over $1,000 on new tires based on the conditions of South Carolina roads.” – Natalia, Charleston

Your Taxdollars paying for damaged cars on SC Roads
“I had 3 tire failure blowouts within a 5-10 mile stretch of I-85 northbound between the GSP Airport and Exit 66. The first blowout ruined the tire and damaged the rim costing about $1000. The second blowout ruined the tire cost about $500. I properly file a claim with the state and was reimbursed for the $1500. On the third blowout, a brand new replacement tire from above, the dealer was able to file the claim for road hazard so no cost to me. I was unaware that you could file a claim until someone told me. I didn't believe it. Quite honestly, our state is wasting time, money, and manpower reimbursing people rather than fixing the roads.  Our roads are frankly embarrassing and dangerous. I would much, much rather pay to have the roads fixed than the state reimburse me for damaged/destroyed tires. I am in favor of raising  the gas tax (call it a user fee if you want) and restricting those funds  to 'fix our roads'.” – Bill, Spartanburg

FIVE new Windshields
“I have had to replace 5 windshields due to the rocks/gravel being thrown up on I-26 on my drive from Columbia to Charleston.” – Harlan, Columbia

Congestion wastes time
“Road conditions need to be improved. My drive time from work should only take 30 minutes but due to traffic it now takes over an hour most mornings.” – Tom, Columbia

Something Has To Be Done
“There must be some way to alleviate the congestion problems on the roads. I moved here from NY and while there, I never had daily reports of at least 5 accidents EVERY Monday through Friday both morning and evening commutes. Something just has to be done. The congestion plus the terrible road conditions are frightening.” – Regina, Columbia

Our Roads Are Embarrassing
“I was driving north on I-85 last year and was unable to avoid a pothole that blew out my front and rear left tires. Raising the gas tax 10 cents a gallon would cost my 40 truck fleet a lot of money, BUT I would happily pay it to see our roads improved to the level of our neighbors in Georgia and North Carolina. The difference is embarrassing.” – Tracy, Greenville

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