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SC Chamber Applauds Senator Tim Scott on Legislation Signed Into Law To Protect Small Business

October 19, 2015

COLUMBIA, SC - SC Chamber President and CEO, Ted Pitts, released the following statement applauding Senator Tim Scott for his leadership on getting the PACE Act signed into law. Under the ACA, in January 2016 the definition of "small business" was going to be redefined as 100 employees or less as opposed to its current definition of small business as 50 employees or less. Had the definition of "small business" doubled in size in January, health care premiums would have risen for roughly 900 chamber members who would have been impacted by this provision in the law. 

“We applaud Senator Scott for his leadership on mitigating harmful effects the Affordable Care Act could have on small businesses. Had this expansion of the ACA taken place, roughly 900 of the South Carolina Chamber’s members would have been impacted with higher healthcare premiums and fewer options for themselves and their employees. As I talk to our members, some of the biggest impediments to growth and job creation continue to be burdens like the ACA that the federal government places on businesses. The South Carolina Chamber supports efforts at the federal level to remove red tape to allow our businesses to grow here in South Carolina and we thank Senator Scott for looking out for the business community at home.” 


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