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SC Chamber Opposes Scott Garrett Nomination to Ex-Im Bank

October 27, 2017

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, in a letter dated October 27, 2017, called on Senator Tim Scott and the Senate Banking Committee to oppose the President’s nomination of former Congressman Scott Garrett to lead the Export Import Bank. 

In a letter to Senator Tim Scott, SC Chamber President & CEO Ted Pitts wrote:
The Honorable Tim Scott         
U.S. Senate
717 Hart Senate Office Building                                               
Washington, DC 20510                                                                              
 Dear Senator Scott:    
The Export Import Bank is a vital tool to keep and grow manufacturing jobs in South Carolina and the United States.  Former Congressman Scott Garrett is a fine man but, in the past, has supported a dismantling of the Ex-Im Bank and for that reason is the wrong person to lead the Ex-Im Bank as its Chairman. The Ex-Im Board needs a leader that believes in the Bank’s mission and has a consistent, proven track record when it comes to understanding Ex-Im’s key role in supporting American jobs.  That is why we call on you and your committee to oppose Mr. Garrett’s nomination and ask the President to offer a nominee that understands the value of Ex-Im and has a record to prove it.  
Ted Pitts 
President & CEO 
South Carolina Chamber of Commerce  

 CC:  Sen. Mike Crapo, Senate Banking Committee, Chairman 
        Sen. Sherrod Brown, Senate Banking Committee, Ranking Member 


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