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S.C. Chamber Releases End of Year Summary On Successful 2016 Legislative Session

June 2, 2016

COLUMBIA, S.C. – State Chamber of Commerce President Ted Pitts released the following statement on the Chamber end of year summary as the General Assembly adjourns regular session for 2016:

“The State Chamber is pleased to release a summary of our legislative activities for the 2016 session. Each year, we set our priorities based on what our members believe is in the best interest of South Carolina’s job creators and workers. As regular session comes to an end, we are pleased to see that the General Assembly has recognized the concerns of the business community. We applaud our members for a successful year and we look forward to continuing to work with legislators next year to improve South Carolina and make the Palmetto State the best place in the country to live and work.”

End of Year Summary

Each year, the Chamber releases a Competitiveness Agenda indicating the things the business community believes are critical to improving our state’s business climate. Two of our most pressing issues this year were DOT reform and funding to improve our infrastructure and passage of H.4145 and a budget line item for Certified Workready Communities to bolster our state’s workforce. As session comes to an end, we are pleased to see that the General Assembly recognized the concerns of the business community by addressing both our roads and our workforce needs.

In addition, the shortening of the legislative session was of great interest to the business community so as to allow professionals from a variety of backgrounds to seek elected office and to compel the General Assembly to be more efficient. Finally, the business community believes that our veterans and our farmers deserve our full support. We were proud to support H.3147 to ensure that some of our best and brightest in the armed forces call South Carolina home after they have retired, helping to build a skilled workforce in our state. We were also proud to support H.4717 in order to give much needed aid to our farmers who were devastated by the floods. Both of these bills had strong opposition and were KeyVoted by the Chamber to show our support.

  • S. 1258 Roads reform and funding
  • H. 4145 Coordinating Council For Workforce Development
  • Budget Line Item: Certified Workready Communities
  • H. 4717 Aid for our farmers following the devastating flood
  • S. 267 Shortened Legislative Session
  • H. 3147 Military Retirees Tax Relief

In addition to our Competitiveness Agenda item successes, there were a number of anti-jobs bills that the Chamber played a critical role in stopping. These bills included initiatives to repeal South Carolina’s Right to Work Status at a time when South Carolina is creating jobs at record pace as the least unionized state in the country. The Chamber also played a role in helping to block an arbitrary minimum wage increase that is sure to put hardworking South Carolinians out of work. And finally, the Chamber took a firm stand against S.1203, Senator Lee Bright’s bill aimed at reaching government into private business, and a bill that has proven to have devastating consequences for the business ecosystem of neighboring states that have adopted or considered similar legislation.

       X BLOCKED

  • H.4555 A bill that would have repealed South Carolina’s right to work status
  • S.1203 Government overreach bill telling private businesses how to run their business.
  • S.938 Minimum wage increase


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