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SC Chamber Releases Results of September COVID-19 Business Survey

September 24, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 24, 2021


Katie Titus, Director of Government Affairs/Media Relations Manager

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce

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SC Chamber Releases Results of September COVID-19 Business Survey

 Two-thirds of businesses do not support the proposed Federal vaccine mandate


COLUMBIA, SC – This week, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce (SC Chamber) released results from a survey regarding the effects of the most recent COVID-19 surge, in addition to gauging the reaction of South Carolina’s business community to the proposed Federal mandate that employers with 100 or more employees or more require their employees to get vaccinated or take a COVID test once a week. The results point to ongoing concerns about the effect that COVID-19 will have on employers and business operations.


SC Chamber President and CEO, Bob Morgan, said:


A majority of SC businesses are opposed to the proposed OSHA vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees.


All of our businesses are determined to avoid another shut down of the economy. Companies are taking a variety of steps to fight the COVID virus, including some who are mandating vaccines and others who are encouraging and incentivizing their employees to get vaccinated.


We encourage policy makers at all levels to allow employers the right to determine the best approach for their business. The SC Chamber of Commerce encourages all who are eligible to get vaccinated as soon as possible as the best way to protect the public health and our economy.


Preliminary results show that of the over 440 business respondents:


  • Nearly 70% indicate that the rise in COVID-19 cases has impacted their business. Of those whose businesses have been impacted, 43% are experiencing a shortage of supplies, 27% are experiencing a downturn in business, and 23% are delaying a return to the office.
  • Almost 60% of businesses predict that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact their business at least through the end of 2021.  
  • 49% of businesses are currently requiring vaccines for employees OR are considering requiring vaccines in the future; 51% are not requiring vaccines and do not plan to require vaccines in the future.
  • Over 60% of businesses do not believe that OSHA should have the authority to require employers to require vaccines or weekly COVID testing.
  • Of respondents, 50% have 1-99 employees, 25% have between 100 and 500 employees, and 25% have 500+ employees.


About the SC Chamber: The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce is the State’s leading voice for business with a vision to make South Carolina’s economy the most vibrant in the United States, creating opportunity and prosperity for all. A statewide organization that fights for pro-job and business policies at the state and federal level, it strives to promote free enterprise; define and advocate for the business agenda; convene, connect, and educate businesses; and partner with key allies. Our member insights shape the policies we write and the agenda we promote at the State House. Learn more at www.scchamber.net




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