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S.C. Chamber Statement On Continuation of Filibuster

February 25, 2016

COLUMBIA, S.C. – State Chamber of Commerce President Ted Pitts released the following statement on the Senate’s continued inaction in the roads debate. If senators are against fixing our roads then what does that mean they are for?

“Senators who continue this inaction are essentially telling voters they would rather waste hard earned tax dollars on paying for pothole claims and car damage than funding a measure to fix our roads. Reform at the DOT is necessary and should be included in this bill. There is no reason why bringing accountability to the DOT cannot be part of dedicating funds for much-needed infrastructure improvements. Let’s put together a plan to do both and stop wasting time and tax dollars when we could be repairing crumbling roads and bridges, strengthening our economy, clearing traffic congestion, and making our roads safer.”


Continuing the filibuster and not voting to fix our roads must mean they are for:

  • Almost a million of our taxdollars wasted on paying pothole claims last year
  • More than $30 million taxdollars wasted on defending claims against the state Department of Transportation, mostly over alleged road defects
  • $2.6 billion lost to our economy from traffic congestion
  • 950 traffic deaths last year
  • Nearly 1000 structurally deficient bridges we drive on every day

In a nutshell senators must be for millions of wasted taxdollars on car repairs, more traffic congestion, more accidents, and unsafe roads and bridges.


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