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SC Chamber Statement On House Roads Action

April 13, 2016

COLUMBIA, S.C. – State Chamber of Commerce President Ted Pitts today released the following statement after the House amended the Senate passed roads bill:

“The business community appreciates the work Speaker Lucas and the House have done over the last two years to reform DOT and to address our state’s long term infrastructure funding needs. Reforming the DOT and providing dedicated, sustainable funding for our roads and bridges remain the top priority for the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.  The House’s amendment, which identifies and dedicates the vehicle sales taxes to roads funding, represents one example of the dedicated, sustainable revenue sources that are closer to the approach we need. 

“As this legislation moves back to the Senate, we are reminded that there is still time to adopt a measure that provides at least $600 million in additional, sustainable revenue along with the reforms to the DOT and STIB this year.  We are hopeful that Senators will act quickly on the roads bill and also match the House’s infrastructure funding as they take up the budget.  As long as South Carolina has some of the most dangerous roads in the country, the Chamber will continue to call for the General Assembly to do its job and address the problem with a long-term solution.”



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