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SC Chamber Supports SC First Steps and ICAN Campaign

December 4, 2015

COLUMBIA, S.C.-- The South Carolina Chamber is proud to support the I CAN campaign. The S.C. Chamber participated in the press conference on December 3, 2015 detailing the campaign and the unveiling of the newly established “The Profile of the Ready Kindergartner” benchmark. Education and Workforce Development are at the top of the Chamber's priority list for this legislative session. We will continue to support such efforts to ensure education success for our state's children.

“The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be here today to support First Steps and the Department of Education with this exciting announcement profiling the South Carolina Ready Learner.  As we at the Chamber meet with business leaders across the state, we have found that the most pressing issue facing South Carolina’s business community is workforce development and closing the skills gap. We also know that a child’s education starts long before he or she ever hits the classroom. That is why this year, the Chamber became a co-signer of the newly defined “kindergarten readiness” description and a supporter of the corresponding campaign, ‘I CAN’. The announcement today represents a culmination of the efforts of the South Carolina State Board of Education and the First Steps organization to provide all of our students with the best chance of educational success from the outset. We applaud them and thank them  for those efforts. The South Carolina Chamber is pleased to be part of this announcement and will continue to support the state’s initiatives  to educate our children, develop a sustainable and capable workforce, and provide our businesses with the most talented workforce in the country."


Getting children ready for school is a formula for long-term success in the state of South Carolina. As they did with the development of the “Profile of the Ready Graduate,” education, business and community groups across the state have worked collaboratively to establish a new benchmark for early childhood education in South Carolina – “The Profile of the Ready Kindergartner.” This comprehensive approach to school readiness not only looks at readiness of the child, but at the foundational groups that impact their success. Learn More.

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