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SC Chamber Vote Scoring Letter to house: Override Veto of Farm Aid

May 17, 2016

TO: Members of the General Assembly

RE: H.4717 – Override Veto of S.C. Farm Aid Fund (Support)

Dear Members:

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce supports an override of the Governor’s veto of H.4717, a bill which creates the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund to assist farmers who have suffered at least a forty percent loss of agricultural commodities as a result of a natural disaster.

The Chamber will be scoring the vote on the “Farm Aid Bill” veto and urges the General Assembly to vote to override the veto.  Agriculture is a leading industry in South Carolina and many of our state’s farmers suffered irreparable damage from the 1,000 year flood of 2015.  The success of the agriculture industry is directly tied to the success of our business community and our state. Agriculture is vital to our way of life, and we respectfully urge members to override the veto, and once again approve this legislation that is critical to the future of South Carolina. 

Please note that the Chamber will score your vote on overriding the veto of H.4717 in the 2016 Legislative Scorecard.

For questions, please contact: Mark Harmon, Vice President of Public Policy, at 864-490-2138 or mark.harmon@scchamber.net.


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