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South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Endorses Nikki Haley

Author: SC Chamber

August 8, 2014

Columbia, SC – The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, the state’s unified voice of business, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Governor Nikki Haley. Business leaders joined Governor Haley in four areas of the state today (Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Columbia) to announce the endorsement. In her first four years leading the Palmetto State, Governor Haley has demonstrated a deep commitment to job creation and economic development, making both her top priorities.

“A product of a small business herself, Governor Nikki Haley understands what it means to run a business–what it means to make payroll, take care of employees, navigate onerous regulations and worry about health insurance costs. Governor Haley gets it,” said Pamela Lackey, president of AT&T South Carolina and 2013-14 chair of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

Since January 2011, South Carolina has announced more than 56,000 new jobs and more than $13.2 billion in new investments in 45 of the 46 counties in the state. In fact, Governor Haley announced 7,100 jobs in one day, making it the largest single day of jobs announcements in South Carolina history.

“With Governor Haley’s leadership, South Carolina is now ranked the 5th best state to do business,” said Mike Brenan, president of BB&T South Carolina and immediate past chairman of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. “She has been our champion, always working to make the business climate a better place for job creation and economic development.”

This year, Governor Haley championed an education reform package that provides funding for K-12 education and allocates dollars for children in poverty, reading coaches in every public elementary school and dollars to improve Internet bandwidth in school facilities.

Her support of one of the state’s largest economic engines, the port system, has been key in making the Port of Charleston the fastest growing port in the U.S. Governor Nikki Haley is also a champion of tort reform and understands how frivolous lawsuits affect all businesses. She also established a task force to review and reduce government overreach on businesses to create a more simplified regulatory system. In addition, Governor Haley has proactively appointed state agency leaders that understand business issues.

“Governor Haley is our ‘jobs governor’ and a champion for all South Carolinians. The business community is proud to support Nikki Haley in the 2014 election. I urge all South Carolinians to join us,” said Otis Rawl, president and CEO of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

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