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State Chamber Applauds House Efforts To Streamline Workforce Development

January 28, 2016

COLUMBIA, S.C. –The State Chamber released the below statement following House passage of H. 4145, a bill by House Ways and Means Chairman Brian White that implements a statewide Coordinating Council for Workforce Development and incentivizes scholarships and apprenticeships to build our workforce throughout the state. This initiative is one of the South Carolina Chamber’s Competitiveness Agenda items for the 2016 session and is scored in this year’s legislative scorecard.

State Chamber President Ted Pitts said, "The State Chamber thanks the House for its work on H.4145, which we see as a significant step toward coordinating workforce efforts in the state and closing the skills gap. We are pleased to see the momentum continue to grow for developing our workforce in South Carolina. This remains a top priority for the business community and is a key piece of the State Chamber's Competitiveness Agenda.  As Governor Haley has said, South Carolina doesn't have a problem creating jobs, we had 10,000 more people go back to work last month. The business community is concerned with those 60,000 jobs we can't fill due to a skills gap. We look forward to working with Governor Haley, Superintendent Spearman, Chairman White, and the General Assembly to bridge this gap and we thank them for their commitment to a stronger workforce in South Carolina."

VP of H.R. Hubbell Lighting, Steve Nail, said, "Streamlining workforce development programs will enable us to cut the red tape and better and more efficiently address the skills gap South Carolina is facing. If people want to get job training, let's remove the roadblocks from getting them that training. We thank the Governor and the General Assembly for their attention to this matter and we applaud House passage of H.4145 today. The future of South Carolina is dependent upon a steady, homegrown workforce"

Background H.4145

  • Creates a statewide Coordinating Council for Workforce Development
  • Creates a scholarship and grant fund for programs provided by Technical Colleges
  • Provides tax credits for contributions to  scholarship funds
  • Implements tiered tax credits available for each apprenticeship a business creates (based upon the economic status of  the county)


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