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STATEMENT: Climate Litigation Is Wrong Approach For South Carolina

September 10, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2020 


Katie Titus, Director of Government Affairs/Media Relations Manager  

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce 

(916) 996-2015 



Climate Litigation Is Wrong Approach For South Carolina

COLUMBIA, SC – Today, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce expressed deep concern with the City of Charleston’s recently filed lawsuit targeting energy manufacturers over global climate change. SC Chamber President and CEO Ted Pitts issued the following statement:

“The South Carolina Chamber believes the fight against climate change requires all of us to work together to achieve real solutions, not file frivolous lawsuits. What’s next – a lawsuit against everyone that has ever driven a car? This looks like the trial attorneys and city are working together to get paid, not solve the real problem that is global climate change. Trying to blame climate change on any group of companies makes no sense, will not achieve results and sends the wrong message to hardworking manufacturers throughout our state. We call on Charleston and other governments to be better than this and work together on tackling this shared challenge.”

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