Small Business Federation


Small businesses make up over half of the State Chamber’s membership and we are proud of the work we do on behalf of our small businesses each and every day. We believe that our success as a state is directly tied to our ability to foster a climate where our small businesses can grow and create jobs.

In order to continue gathering input from small businesses to allow us to better represent them, the State Chamber is proud to introduce the South Carolina Chamber Small Business Federation.

Any business with 10 or fewer full time employees that is a member of a participating local chamber will receive free membership of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

This partnership aims to empower small businesses and grow the voice of business at the local, state, and federal levels.

SIGN UP HERE or EMAIL THE FORM TO YOUR LOCAL CHAMBER and ask them to become a member


Local Chambers who participate receive...

  • A stronger connection to the State Chamber to point to when soliciting members
  • Marketing collateral informing potential members about a dual membership in both your chamber and the State Chamber
  • Increased exposure through communications resources that will help increase brand awareness
  • Recognition on the State Chamber's website
  • Opportunities for your membership to grow and succeed with statewide exposure

If you are a business with 10 or fewer employees and you are a member of your local chamber that is participating in this program, you will receive...

  • Free membership of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
  • Proactive government affairs representation throughout the year in the state legislature
  • The opportunity to participate in statewide initiatives and coalitions with direct impact on public policy development
  • Up-to-date information on regional and statewide issues through updates and engagements during the legislative session
  • Reduced member pricing for South Carolina Chamber of Commerce events
  • Access to local chamber staff information center containing key legislative updates and calls to action and sharable content related to South Carolina policy issues
  • Access to executive offices and conference rooms at the South Carolina Chamber in the heart of the capitol, allowing chamber executives to host meetings with legislators and members
  • Special event invitations, promotional opportunities and information on statewide policy and competitiveness issues and events
  • Eligibility for rotating annual appointment on the South Carolina Chamber’s Small Business Council
  • First consideration when identifying locations and partners for SC Chamber Events 

Tell your local chamber to sign up today!