Take Action: Liability Protections


Currently, 32 states have adopted varying degrees of COVID-19 liability protections either by legislation or executive order.  Unfortunately, South Carolina is not one of them and is one of only three Southeastern states without any liability protections.  As a result, our healthcare providers, businesses, and educational institutions are at a disadvantage compared to our counterparts in other states creating even more opportunities for lawsuits in South Carolina.


  1. Use the US Chamber tool to send a letter to your Congressman 
  2. Use social media to ask the SC Federal Delegation to support the SAFE TO WORK Act. Don't forget to tag your Congressman and the SC Chamber!  

Sample messaging (provided by NAM) 

  • South Carolina businesses are leading our economic recovery—and keeping their workforce safe under difficult conditions while delivering essential products and services. They deserve commonsense protections from lawsuits, and it’s time for Congress to get the job done. #RecoveryforUS 
  • Manufacturers working tirelessly to deliver critical products and keep their employees safe during COVID-19 deserve commonsense and bipartisan protections—not the threat of baseless lawsuits that would harm our recovery. #RecoveryforUS 
  • Small businesses nationwide are trying to play by the rules and keep their employees and customers safe. Employers that are trying to do the right thing deserve commonsense and bipartisan protections against destructive legal bills. #RecoveryforUS
  • Manufacturers are working overtime to get doctors and nurses the products they need to make it through this crisis. Congress should act now with bipartisan support to help our recovery by taking away the threat of overwhelming legal bills. #RecoveryforUS 
  • Manufacturers and small businesses that are trying to follow the rules need the peace of mind that they won’t face unfair legal fees. It’s time to pass bipartisan safe harbor protections to secure our economic recovery. #RecoveryforUS
  • Essential businesses are doing their best for America right now despite unprecedented challenges. They deserve commonsense protections from opportunistic lawsuits to fuel our recovery and help creators respond to this crisis. #RecoveryforUS



Visit our Safe Harbor webpage and ask your Statehouse legislator to support H.5527